Our Underground Private Room at Greyhound Café in Fitzvoria suits for either a postwork drinks with colleagues, a private feast or a cocktail party! And we are happy to welcome a big group with the capacity for seating up to 20 people. We have some of our must-try dishes in case you are lacking of ideas of what to order. Let’s start hacking your taste buds with the Thai classics including Complicated Noodles  and GHC Single bone wings. Then move on to our favourite main dishes, we’ve got you Tom Yum Soup with Prawn, Turmericrubbed E-sarn Chicken, Hot Oil Pork Knuckle with spicy tamarind curry paste and jaew sauce and the Thai traditional spicy mushroom salad. Finally, it’s dessert time! Never forget to end your lovely meal with some sweet treats, try our Happy Toast, a childhoodinspired one, or maybe Tum Tim Grob, a Thai traditional dessert.

If you are coming in a big group, we recommend our Nibble set menu or Party menu with optional pricing between £16 – £ 33 (Please check with team for details before booking). Just for the record, this Underground Private Room opens from Monday to Saturday 12.00 AM – 10.30 PM and on Sunday 12.00 AM – 9.30 PM. (Please check availability)

For more information or any inquiries, please contact our team E-mail : or give us a call on 0203 026 3798 (press “2” for reservation).

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