Crispy Fried Mixed Mushrooms with Thai Herbs 8.50
Crunchy starter you won’t be able to stop – once you start. Served with sweet chilli sauce.

Sweet Corn Pop 8.90
Bite-sized crunchy sweet corn pops, served with Thai sweet chilli sauce.

Thai Sizzling Mushroom. 12.50
Mixed mushrooms flash-cooked in spicy Northeastern Thai dressing.

Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls 12.50
Various fresh veggies wrapped in paper-like flour sheet, served with tasty sweet & sour sauce, street vendors style in Hanoi.

Grilled Fak Thong Tofu Salad 14.90
Pumpkin-the most risqué vegetable to be pronounced in Thai-roasted and served with marinated tofu and sesame dressing.

Tom Zapp Mixed Mushrooms 9.90
Tom Zapp, a comfort spicy & sour soup from the Northeast of Thailand. It’s an aromatic soup with lemongrass, culantro, Kaffir lime leaves in the spotlight.

Tom Kha Mixed Mushrooms 9.90
Mixed mushrooms in distinctive Thai creamy and sour soup with light coconut milk, galangal, Kiffir lime leaves.

Tom Yum Mixed Mushrooms 9.90
It’s the meatless Tom Yum! Enjoy our mixed mushrooms spicy & sour classic Tom Yum Soup and slurp away.

Pad Cha Mixed Mushroom and Tofu with Jasmine Rice 14.50
Stir-fried spicy mixed mushroom, tofu and Thai herbs on steamed Jasmine rice served with soup.

Aubergine & Tofu Basil Chilli Bomb with Jasmine Rice 13.50
Looking for some spicy heat? Aubergine and tofu stir-fried with basil & chilli bomb served on jasmine steamed rice and our soup of the day.

Mixed Mushrooms Phad Thai 13.50
Phad Thai, as you know it but our recipe came from Chanthaburi province, stir-fried with mixed mushrooms.

Angry Veggie Pasta 13.50
Wok-fried spaghetti with mixed mushrooms in our Thai “angry” hot sauce, lots of holy basil, garlic chilli bomb. A true taste of Bangkok street food and best cure for hangover.

Vegetarian Green Curry with Jasmine Rice 13.50
Green curry with tofu, mushrooms and vegetables, serve with jasmine rice.

Vegetarian Panang with Jasmine Rice 13.50
Panang curry with tofu, pumpkin, served with jasmine rice.

Vegetarian Massamun with Jasmine Rice 13.50
Thai massamun curry with potatoes, onion, tofu and carrot, served with jasmine rice.

Vegan Dried-Beef Fried Rice 14.50
This a vegan friendly version of one of our best seller. Mock Dried-beef and fried rice, made with mushroommstems and served with our soup of the day.