01 Complicated Noodles *** 7.5

DIY rice noodle sheets and iceberg lettuce topped with minced pork sauce, Greyhound’s spicy lime sauce and crowned with some fresh coriander. Needs a little bit of work but it’s worth every bite!

02 Salmon in Hot Pursuit *** 6.5

Thinly sliced fresh salmon topped with Greyhound’s spicy lime sauce. Has been the top of our chart since day 1.

03 Greyhound ‘Single Bone’ Wings *** 6.5

Crispy, single bone chicken wings marinated in Thai fish sauce, fried till golden. A special recipe from one of our friends’ family that we grew up with.

04 Crab and Corn Pops *** 6.8

Bite-sized crunchy sweet corn and crab meat balls, served with Thai sweet chilli sauce.

05 Tod-Mun Pops 6.8

Spicy fish cake balls, served with Thai-style pickles

06 Rib Eye Satay *** 8.8

An upgrade of street food style beef satay – a disappearing street food that even Thais are yearning for. Served with traditional condiments, peanut sauce and fluffy toast.

07 Crispy Calamari with Thai Dip *** 8.8

Get your stomach going with our deep-fried calamari marinated in Thai seasoning served with Thai sweet chilli sauce.

14 Beef Yum *** 14.5

Grilled rib eye steak on a bed of greens. With a spicy zesty lime dressing.

18 Ravioli Tom Yum Goong *** 13

Thai tom yum soup with whole tiger prawn and prawn-stuffed ravioli.

19 Hot Oil Pork Knuckle *** 23.8

German-style golden fried pork knuckle with spicy tamarind curry paste, jaew sauce and sticky rice basket.

20 Sea Bass Miang *** 19.9

Grilled whole sea bass served with mixed herbs, rice vermicelli and miang sauce. Wrap and enjoy!!!!

23 Lamb Chop Panang *** 22

Grilled juicy lamb chops in Thai Panang curry sauce served with green asparagus and plumb cherry tomatoes

27 Super Tom Zabb Pork Ribs *** 12.8

Slow cooked to tender jugged pork ribs in very Zapp (spicy and sour) clear soup, Esarn’s style. Fragranced with fresh lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves

33 Crab Meat Wok Rice *** 21

Not your average crab meat fried rice. In Bangkok, we call this dish fried meat with garlic, chilli and touch of rice. Served with a bowl of daily clear soup.

34 The Angry Pasta *** 15.5

Spaghetti and mixed seafood wok-fried with our Thai “angry” hot sauce, lots of holy basil, garlic chilli bomb. A true taste of Bangkok street food and best cure for a hangover.’s style. Fragranced with fresh lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves

38 Street Style Stir-fried Lamb Cube on Rice *** 14.5

Typical Thai’s street style dish but cooked with marinated lamb cubes instead, seasoned with lots of garlic and pepper. Served with steamed jasmine rice, boiled egg and a bowl of daily clear soup.

39 Thai Spicy Green Curry with a Twist *** 14.5

Famous Thai green curry but with grilled chicken served with Somen noodles and boiled egg

40 Grilled FakThong Tofu Salad *** 12.5

Pumpkin-the most risqué vegetable to be pronounced in Thai-roasted and served with marinated tofu and sesame dressing.

43 Mushrooms Waterfall *** 12.5

Mixed mushrooms flash-cooked in spicy North-Eastern Thai dressing. Served with sticky rice.

44 Mixed Mushrooms Basil Chilli Bomb *** 13.5

The meatless version of our national dish. Served with Hom Mali rice and crispy-edge fried egg.

45 Aubergine & Tofu Basil Chilli Bomb *** 12.5

Served on steamed jasmine rice and clear soup of the day
(add minced chicken 2 / prawns 3 / scallops 4)”