Non-Alcoholic Thai Favourites

Greyhound Iced Tea 5

Bubble Plum 5.5

Passion Fashion 5.5

Thai Iced Tea with milk 4.5

Thai Iced Coffee with Milk 4.5

Sparkling Lime 5.0

Greyhound Iced Tea 5.0

Soft Drinks

Coke 3.7

Diet Cake 3.5

Coke Zero 3.5

Lemonade 3.5

Soda Water 3.5

Tonic Water 3.5

Light Tonic water 3.5

Ginger Beer 3.5

Ginger Ale 3.5

Orange Juice 4.5

Bottle of Still – 750ml 4.0

Bottle of Sparking -750ml 4.0

GreyHound's Blend Coffee

From locally grown crops to the best quality cups” Greyhound Blend made with 100% Arabica beans from the highland villagers’ in Doi Saket, the oldest coffee growing region in northern Thailand.Our beans made from an exceptional semi washed process which gives an interesting characteristics, particularly the sweetness and body that offers the rich flavour notes of ripe cherry, macadamia.Greyhound Café and our partners see the importance to bring the local beans to the specialty market, at the same time, creating the sustainable way-of-life for the farmers.

Espresso 2.7

Double Espresso 3.3

Macchiato 3.0

Double Machiato 3.5

Americano 3.3

Cappuccino 3.5

Latte 3.5

Flat White 3.5

Mocha 4

Iced Americano 4

Iced Cappucino 4.5


Herbal Mix Tea Pot 5

Herbal Mix Tea Pot 5

Herbal Lemongrass Tea 3.3

Fresh Mint Tea 3.3

English Breakfast Tea 3.3

Earl Grey Tea 3.3

Green Tea 3.3

Hot Chocolate 4.5